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The objective of Praetor Watch Company is to provide you a time keeping instrument of exceptional quality and integrity so that you can focus less on your equipment and more on your mission.

You need instruments you can trust anytime, anywhere, which is why we've chosen to work with renowned premiere manufacturers. This ensures the quality and enduring value of your watch is spoken for through generational practices and expertise and establishes the most solid foundation of product integrity possible.

Our watches are for those who seek the highest levels of performance, material execution and unique bold design.


Praetor is an organization where merit and integrity are paramount and the sole means by which our watches are conceived and executed. Our pieces are designed in America and manufactured in Switzerland with our industry leading partners. No compromises are made in the conception or execution of this process. Only the highest grade materials and craftsmanship are acceptable because we believe the end state represents more than just a tangible product and is a reflection of personal values and ideals. More than the sum of their parts, every aspect of our watches is intended to fuse historically significant and refined aesthetics with pure functionality through a cohesive and ultimately wearable design philosophy. 

Praetor is a statement of leadership, invoking values of Integrity, authenticity, resilience and uncompromising vison to create watches that stand alone and aim to offer the professional, enthusiast and collector the finest possible product.

Utilizing world class technical development, manufacturing and components is instrumental in producing an exceptional end state, however, it is the passion and commitment to enduring quality, details and experience that highlight the method by which a Praetor watch is defined.

As a veteran owned and operated organization, we know that quality equipment makes a difference, which is why our watches are engineered and manufactured to meet and exceed expectations in every possible way. Our goal is to make your next technical timepiece decision clear.

“Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, and intelligent execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives - choice, not chance, determines your destiny.” -Aristotle